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Webtricity plans start at only $49/month. We also offer expert design services for a one-time fee.

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No. You can cancel at any time and without penalty.

Yes. Webtricity will host your website at the domain you register.

Yes. Our easy to use software allows for practically unlimited customization. More advanced users can add custom HTML, CSS & Javascript to further extend their website.

No. Webtricity websites must be hosted on our platform. You cannot build the website with Webtricity and then move the code to another website hosting company. Please don't steal our artwork, designs, or content.

Us. There's no one who knows our system better than the people who built it and spend every day using it (and love it).

No need to go find some rando on the internet who "specializes in building Webtricity websites." It's us. We're that rando. 👋 Check our our Design + Build service for details.

No. We only host websites.

No. We firmly believe you should ALWAYS register your domain name directly with a domain registrar, under your own name and contact information (instead of with whoever is hosting your website and/or email) to maintain your independence (and freedom to switch web and email hosting providers as needed).

If you need help, many of the domain registrar companies (like GoDaddy) offer phone support and can walk you through the process.

We're not interested in competing with the high-volume, be-everything, rapid-turnover website builders out there.

You've probably tried a few of them already and it didn't work out. And we know why. The process was overwhelming and the results were disappointing. And you don't have 458 hours to spend trying to get your website launched.

We focus on providing superior quality websites, shockingly easy-to-use software and exceptional customer support.

We're small and we focus on quality, not quantity. We're entirely self-funded and haven't taken a dime of investment money, so we can't afford to spend truckloads of [someone else's] money to advertise on podcasts.

But we're glad you finally found us and will do our best to make you want stick around.

Yes. Webtricity has an entire program specific to insurance agency websites that includes a range of features that insureds are looking for on their agent's website & that make an agent's job easier.

Safeco or Liberty Mutual Ignite agents can use your digital vendor credit towards a Webtricity website.

Trusted Choice members can submit Webtricity receipts for reimbursement via the Trusted Choice MRP.