What Goes on an Insurance Agency Website?

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What Goes on an Insurance Agency Website?

Looking for a professional insurance agency website? Your checklist should include some basics that we've outlined here.

Insurance agency websites serve dual purposes:

  1. To sell insurance. More specifically, to sell YOU as the right person to help with the process of obtaining insurance from one of the companies you represent.

  2. To service policyholders, which is mostly providing answers to common questions about claims, payments, policy updates, and how to reach you with questions.

You want your agency website to be good at both selling and servicing.

Too much “salesy” stuff, and all the “GET A QUOTE NOW” buttons get in the way of a valuable customer easily finding a claim phone number.

Too much focus on service and difficult to find quotes cause potential leads to leave your website before having a chance to tell you they are interested.

Checklist: Insurance Agency Website Basics

Review our basic checklist for a quality, professional insurance agency website.


Your logo and a matching color scheme. People notice and remember this stuff, so it’s important.

Don't have a logo? Webtricity offers a free exclusive Logo Builder to help you define your brand.

Contact information

Your phone number and where you are located should be the easiest thing to find on a website. Most local businesses will have this information in the top right of every page.

Your phone number should be easy to find for obvious reasons. Think of how many times you went to a website only looking for a phone number. And how aggravating it was when you had to scroll or click around to find it.

Your location is important to confirm to the visitor that they have found an agency in their local area. The photography used on your home page can visually reinforce this as well, if you use a photo fo something locally recognizable.

If you work out of your home and don’t want to list your local address, you should at least list your city and state.

Don’t forget to list your business hours.

Webtricity handles all types of office situations. Whether you have office space or work from home, Webtricity websites will handle the display of your information seamlessly.

Calls to Action

A "call to action" is the primary thing you want your visitors to do when they are on your website (fill out a form, make a purchase, call a phone number). This action is typically represented by a easy to find button or link. It could be accompanied by a graphic or a modal pop-up. The important thing is it is easy to spot. For an insurance agency website, the call to action is most likely going to be to fill out a quote or contact form or to call your agency.

Your call to action should jump out. A brighter accent color. Larger than the other buttons on the page. It should look special and be hard to miss.

Your call to action should be placed where it can be seen without having to scroll.

Webtricity website designs have a strong Call to Action available on every page. You can customize the colors, wording, and placement, and even add your own.

Lead Capture Form

A lead capture form can be as simple as a generic contact form, or you can have a form dedicated just for new leads.

Your form should include the fewest fields as possible to increase the probability that it will be filled out.

Webtricity websites have a secure, built-in quote form, or you can embed your own custom form or comparative rater from a 3rd party.

Insurance & Services Offered

At a minimum, you should list of all the insurance coverages you offer and/or specialize in.

Some insurance agency websites will simply note that they offer “personal and business insurance” and then will focus their website content on the specialized areas, such as “high value homes” or “contractors insurance.” Other websites will have a comprehensive list of every insurance package they can write. There’s no right or wrong way - just make sure you’re communicating to potential leads what you do.

Listing what you offer will confirm to visitors shopping for the insurance you do offer that they are in the right place.

Webtricity makes it easy to add the products and services you offer. You can choose from more than 20 pre-built insurance product pages that come with content and photos, or you can add your own).

Companies You Represent

Displaying the insurance companies you write insurance through provides an opportunity for brand recognition. Shoppers may not have heard of ABC Insurance Services, but they know Safeco, Progressive, Travelers, etc. Advertising your partnership with these well-known brands helps establish your agency as a credible source for insurance.

Webtricity offers an tailor-made feature that allows you to easily manage your insurance company contact information on your website.

Claims & Payment Info

Your existing customers will inevitably need to file a claim at some point. How would you prefer they get that info?

  • Call your office (and leave a message because you are on the phone with a lead, and then you have to call them back)

  • Go to their insurance company website

  • Go to your website… where they will also see that article you posted about boat insurance and remember they needed to ask you about switching their boat insurance policy over to you too.

Webtricity offers an tailor-made feature that allows you to easily manage your insurance company contact information on your website.

Other Items

Some other important considerations for your insurance agency website:

  1. Privacy Policy (Webtricity has a built-in template that is free to use)

  2. Sitemap (Webtricity automatically builds an XML and an HTML sitemap that updates any time you change your website)

  3. Social media links (Webtricity includes this too)

  4. Content, content and more content. (Webtricity provides generic starter content for more than 20 insurance products, and you can change all the content through the website or add more pages)

  5. Policy Change request form (Webtricity has a built-in secure service request form, or you can embed your own)

  6. Binding Agreement checkbox on all forms (Webtricity has a built-in, customizable, optional checkbox for all our hosted forms).

  7. Testimonials (Webtricity can display your reviews and testimonials on the site, using our system or by embedding 3rd party review collection widgets)

How to Get it Done

So that’s a lot of things to consider that are mostly pretty specific to insurance. There’s a lot of website building programs out there, and most are very generic. Going with a generic DIY website building program means a lot of work and frustration trying to fit a square peg in a round hole.

Want to skip the headache and get an amazing and affordable insurance agency website? Sign up for Webtricity and get started today. The process is simple, easy, and fast, and your website will look professional and polished.

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