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Asking the Right Questions

Building Better Websites

Asking the Right Questions

What should you ask on your lead form on your insurance agency website?

What questions should you ask for on your website’s quote form?

Website best practices consistently state that you should ask the fewest number of questions possible. When a visitor sees your form, they make an instant decision on whether they will fill it out.

Generally speaking, if the form looks long, you lose the lead.

The more questions you ask, the fewer responses you will get.

Do you want more leads? Ask fewer questions on your lead form.

Multi-Page Forms

Can you disguise a long form by using multiple pages? You used to be able to ask a few questions per page, with a "Next" button at the completion of each set of questions. However, users have wised up to this trick and won't complete a multi-page form.

Comparative raters

There's an exception to every rule of course. Comparative raters ask a lot of questions and people will still fill them out. But what happens at the end of that process? You get rewarded with an instant insurance quote. Users generally understand they need to provide some detail to get an instant quote, so they'll be more willing to fill out a form if they know they'll get something meaningful at the end of the process.

Your best bet is to ask just a few questions on your lead capture/quote form.

What Should You Ask?

  1. Name - Avoid splitting this into first/last name fields

  2. Email address and/or phone number - You can ask for both, but don't make them both required. Let the lead choose which they would like to provide.

  3. Preferred contact method - Email, call, or text. Be sure you respect their request.

  4. Location - Whether this is a full address or just a ZIP code, it tells you where your lead is located and whether they are in your service area.

  5. Type of insurance - This could be some checkboxes, or just a field for the user to type in what they want. If you have checkboxes, keep it to a short list so it doesn’t clutter your form. Perhaps even just “Personal Insurance”, “Business Insurance”, and “Health / Life Insurance”

  6. Comments - Just a field for the lead to tell you anything extra they may want you to know up front.

Example Webtricity Quote Form
Example Webtricity Quote Form

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