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Webtricity Recommends: Missive

Webtricity Recommends

Webtricity Recommends: Missive

Missive is a team inbox and chat app that allows you to collaborate around customer communication in real time.

Since we starting using Missive at the start of 2024:

  • We no longer use a ticketing system to track customer inquiries & support requests
  • Don't have to forward emails we need to share and lose context in the process
  • Share useful info that's not customer-centric, such as ideas and helpful tools
  • Respond faster to customer requests
  • Use only a single app to track emails and chats from ALL of our channels.

Our team has multiple inboxes to keep track of, and prior to Missive:

Every team member had to keep a browser window open for all of them, and toggle back and forth to make sure we weren't missing anything.

If a customer sent an email that actually needed to be handled in a different channel, we had to forward it and hope it arrived and was seen by the team member managing that channel.

Now we use a single app to track every inbox (all 17 of them, plus our own personal inbox).

If we need to escalate or transfer an issue to another team or individual, we just drag the email to the right place, and add a note or task in real-time.

It has greatly improved how we organize customer and internal communication. The setup process for us was intensive (17 inboxes!), but not complicated or overly technical and worth every step.

Check out Missive at

Disclaimer: The links above our referral links that give us credit if you sign up using the link. That said, we would 110% recommend them even without a referral discount.