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Faster Than We Thought

Webtricity Announcements

Faster Than We Thought

When we had finished our initial build of Webtricity, we pondered on the best way to communicate how easy it now was to build a professional, high-quality insurance website on our new platform. As you may have noticed, our homepage opens with "Build a website in 20 minutes." What happened next surprised us all.

After building more than a thousand websites at Banyan Theory, we knew that sounded unbelievable. But we tried it ourselves, several times, and confirmed that yes, it is possible for a first-time user to build a website in 20 minutes.

Our very first customer signed up, built a website, and launched it in just 13 minutes.

We were blown away. Not only had our 20-minute pitch been validated — our very first customer had taken 35% less time than we were advertising!

Since then, many new customers have signed up, and almost all of them have built and launched their websites within an hour or two.

The current record stands at 13 minutes, but it's now shared with another customer! That's right, someone else recently signed up and launched a new website in that same 13 minute timeframe.

We encourage you to give Webtricity a try, even if you have no interest in breaking the 13-minute record. You can sign up, build your website, and then launch it if you're happy with it. If not, just cancel in the first 30 days and get a refund. Simple.