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Provide your insurance agency network members with quick, easy, and affordable websites.

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Webtricity can help your agency network

Webtricity is a website platform designed for independent insurance agencies, with special features built to allow networks to give their member agencies affordable websites that can be online in a matter of minutes.

If you have special network branding requirements (such as showing your network's logo in the footer), or a default set of products and insurance carriers that are common to all member agencies, then those things and more can be added automatically whenever a new website is created.

Additionally, you can subsidize member websites, such as paying for a portion of the monthly cost (which is just $35 per month) and/or paying for a set number of months up front, easing the burden for agencies that are just getting started.

How does it work for networks?

Here's how we'll bring your network on board:

  1. Tell us your design and branding requirements and common insurance products, services, and insurance companies.

  2. Let us know if you'll be offering any cost sharing or discount benefits for your members.

  3. We'll create a Webtricity account for you and will load in all of your network's design and functionality preferences.

  4. Send invites to member agencies, which they can use to sign up for Webtricity and build and launch their own new insurance agency websites.

How does it work for member agencies?

Here's what the process will look like for member agencies:

  1. When you invite a member agency to Webtricity, our system will send them an email containing a special signup link. When the agency follows that link and signs up, a new website will be created.

  2. The new website will be tied to your network, and any or all of the following will be automatically applied:

    • Network branding requirements, such as your logo in the website's footer
    • A default set of insurance products and/or services offered
    • A default set of insurance companies, with logos and contact info
    • Any other network-specific design or functionality elements, such as a "Pay Now" link in the website's header
  3. The member agency will add additional details, such as their contact info, and then launch their new website to get started on bringing in new revenue for themselves and for your network.

How much does it cost?

There is no cost to your network for partnering with Webtricity.

If you opt to do cost sharing for your member agencies, such as paying for their first year of hosting, then we will bill you for each prepayment as the signups happen. If you don't do any cost sharing, then there's no cost to your network at all.

For member agencies, the cost is just $35 per month, with no setup fees. We do have some optional upgrades, but none of these are necessary for a complete and professional website, as we include most of our features for free.

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