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Choosing a Domain Name

Your domain name is [something].com (or .net, biz, etc). You use it to tell people how to get to your website and your email address ends with it. Target.com, google.com, safeco.com - those are all examples of domain names. It’s easy to tell which company owns those domains, isn’t it?

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Choosing a Domain Registrar

There are a LOT of choices when it comes to where to register a new domain name. A quick Google search will leave you wondering which one you should choose. Here are a few things to consider before clicking on the first link your mouse finds.

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Comparative Raters & Instant Quotes

There are a few quote options you can offer your customers on your insurance agency website, depending on the type of insurance and your state. Let’s focus on the most commonly shopped insurance type - auto insurance.

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Asking the Right Questions

What should you ask on your lead form on your insurance agency website?  

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What Goes on an Insurance Agency Website?

Looking for a professional insurance agency website? Your checklist should include some basics that we've outlined here.

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